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Küberit® Decoration items

For an optimum and decorative laying of high-quality carpets on stairs, Küberit offers stair rods in all popular types. And as for the matching accessories you need not do without the approved Küberit quality.

  • for carpet

materials and colours

Küberit® 730

stairrods with endstops, hollow

Küberit® 731

stairrod clips, laterally open

Küberit® 732

stairrod eye with grub screws and glued stair bolt

Küberit® 733

Stair rods with endstops, with solid steel core

Küberit® 734

stairrods with endstops, hollow

Küberit® 736

Triangular stairrods, hollow

Küberit® 737

Triangular stairrod clips, laterally closed

Küberit® 738

Door stopper made of brass, solid

Küberit® 739

Aluminium heating tube rosette

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