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Sustainability at Küberit®

Küberit eco pro³- the ecological choice

Küberit has set itself the target to produce and distribute its profiles under greatest possible protection of resources and nature.

Therefore we have introduced a series of measures in the past years. The concept eco pro³ stands for its sustainable acting as well as for the professional development of high-quality profiles with high utility value for processors and building owners. At the same time, the new label makes clear that the Küberit profiles and mouldings from closed recycling process are a surprising ecological choice.

We love sustainable

Collect, sort, recycle, reuse - the formula for our aluminium profiles.

Aluminium is valuable. We manufacture our profiles from certified recycled aluminium. This is good for nature, good for the CO2 balance and good for quality.

Go Green - For the love of the environment

Uncompromisingly sustainable, high quality, efficient.

We produce in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner, processing recycled quality aluminium from certified partners in the European Economic Area. This protects the environment, saves resources and ensures quality.

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